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Football Index Bookmaker Review

Football Index, launched in 2015, provides an exciting new way to trade on football. It’s effectively a cross between fixed-odds betting and fantasy football, with customers looking to acquire imaginary shares in football players for real money.

The share price for each football player can go up or down on a daily basis. The movement of each player’s share price is dependent on various factors including their performance in matches, their media profile and any rumours that might be linking them to a transfer elsewhere.

Why Open a Football Index Account?

From experience, we’d say the main reason to trade on Football Index is that it provides a fun and entertaining experience. While fixed-odds online betting can be enjoyed with any number of bookmakers, this is a different approach and you can potentially make money by having a strong knowledge of football players.

There are also three ways in which you can make money as a Football Index customer. A footballer’s price will change on a frequent basis and so, if you buy shares for a certain amount and that value rises, then the value of your portfolio will increase and you can then potentially sell for a larger amount and come out with a profit.

Alternatively, Football Index have something called Media Rankings and that can also have an impact on payouts. As an operator, they take 25 UK news feeds and produce a definitive “trending” football player on a daily basis. So if your player has been making the headlines for any particular reason, then you can enjoy a Media Dividend.

Similarly, there are also dividends available when it comes to the Match Days. There are four pots for high-performing forwards, midfielders and defenders, while Football Index will also pay out on the top overall footballer. This can be an excellent way to make money.

Trade the Top 200 Football Players

When you open a Football Index account, you will be met with a clean and user-friendly interface. Your starting point is to check out the Top 200. These are effectively the players with the highest value at that point in time, with footballers coming in and out of the charts on a frequent basis.

Next to each player, you can see a “Buy” value and a “Sell” value. Notice how there’s a difference between the two amounts, which in short means you buy at the higher price and sell at the lower price. There is also a figure in green or red which indicates whether that player has been a “riser” or a “faller” for a particular day.

If you click on a particular player, you can also find out detailed information relating to them. That includes a graph which indicates their share price performance over various date ranges. You might be interested in a 24 hour graph to judge recent movement, while there are also 7 day and 1 month views.

Check out the Squad Players and Live Rankings

In addition to the Top 200 Players, you can also look through “Squad Players”. Literally hundreds of players are available, with a search functionality helping you to locate a particular player of interest. As with the Top 200, there is the ability to check out their recent price movement so you can assess whether you want to add them to your portfolio or not.

The Live Rankings give you a clear indication of which players are likely to land dividends for that particular day. You will see two tabs in this section, with Media Rankings indicating the players “trending” as far as Football Index’s media sources are concerned.

It’s no surprise that star name players are generally those who are highest in the Media Rankings, although these are also footballers who tend to cost the most money per share price. Some customers tend to invest heavily into these players, while others will go for lower-priced options.

There are also Match Day Rankings which feature in this section. Here, you can see which players are faring best on a daily basis. When the big football leagues kick off that day, players will start appearing. It’s generally the players who score the most goals or create the most assists that will be featuring on the charts by the end of a day.

Use the Tutorial and Academy to Get Better 

We realise that Football Index is different to your average fixed-odds sportsbook and there’s a lot of information to absorb. However, this operator provide some excellent information for new customers, including tutorials and academy articles to get you started.

Make sure you watch the latest videos and have a solid understanding of how to operate before you start trading. Your share prices can go up as well as down, while Football Index take a small percentage of commission for every trade that is made.

Customer service

Due to the unique nature of the trading system, you’ll naturally have quite a few queries about Football Index. Luckily most of these can be answered on the site’s comprehensive help centre, which provides responses to a host of questions. And while there is no live chat available, support is available through telephone and email. Phone lines are open between 8:30 and 20:00 from Monday to Friday, while on weekends opening hours are between 9:30 and 18:00. 

Football Index Review – The Verdict

If you’re into your football, and fancy yourself as a bit of a soothsayer, Football Index is the betting company for you. The concept itself is genius, and thanks to this alone the site is expanding rapidly. But things run smoothly elsewhere too, with the platform easy to use and customer service responsive and knowledgeable.

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