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NBA Predictions FAQs

What time do you post tonight’s NBA picks?

On weekdays our basketball tips are posted at around 6pm UK time. During weekends this is a little earlier, at around 4pm. We try to get them up as early as possible to take advantage of early lines and to make sure we get in before the odds start moving and we lose value. Bookmark and check this page regularly to ensure you get in on the action!

What NBA tips do you offer?

Each night our expert tipsters put up the following NBA picks:

Accumulator – These are not only our most popular bet type but also one of our most confident NBA predictions. Our experts pick out the best NBA bets and put them into an accumulator, where we try to win big from a small stake.

Mega Odds Accumulator – Busy fixture schedule this week? This could be the bet for you. Our analysts pick out solid bets when there are eight or more games on and put them into a mega odds accumulator, usually between 50/1 and 150/1. Naturally, winning returns can be enormous!

Daily Double – Our tipsters pick out two of their favourite NBA tips from tonight’s games and put them into a double. If you’re looking to double your money each night then this is the bet for you.

Do you cover today’s NBA games on TV?

We preview all live NBA games shown on UK television. 170 games are broadcast by Sky Sports every season, and since these tend to be the week’s best games, we analyse them in extra detail. 

How to bet on NBA basketball

In literal terms, you’ll first need to find the right betting site. You can see all of our recommended bookmakers, as well as compare their welcome offers, on our free bets page. 

While our expert tips do all the research you’ll ever need, you can supplement our tips with some of your own research too. What should you take into account when betting on basketball?

The home team will normally have an advantage, particularly if the away team has a long way to travel (the US is huge!). In-play betting is also very popular in the NBA since most games see big swings in momentum –  sometimes you can sense one team making a comeback from a mile off. But the best way to beat the bookies is to analyse form and statistics. But no stress, our tipsters will do that for you!

Who will win the NBA championship?

Formally known as the NBA Finals, this is a championship series played in June between the winners of the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference.

For live standings, you can check out the official league table here.

NBA betting terms explained

Money Line – This is an American sports term simply meaning ‘to win’. If you are backing a team on the money line then they must win for your bet to come in.

Point Spread – This is a handicap system based on points, and works the same as handicaps in football betting. For example, a Miami Heat -2.5 point spread means they must win the game by 3 clear points or more for your bet to come in, with the opposite being the case for a +2.5 point spread. If the spread is a whole number and the team end up winning by or losing by exactly that number, then the bet becomes a push and your money is refunded.

Alternative Point Spread – This is the same as a standard point spread but with a different number of points. Not many bookies offer this market but some, like bet365, offer 10 points either side of the point spread line. We love putting accumulators and banker doubles onto these as part of our NBA tips!

Game Totals – This is simply betting on the total number of points scored in a game. This might look like: Indiana Pacers @ Miami Heat – Over/Under 195 =. This means you need 196 or more total points in the game to win the Overs and 194 or less to win the Unders. If the game total is a whole number and ends up being the same as the total points scored then your bet becomes a push and your stake is refunded. Note that all of the above includes overtime!

Alternative Game Totals – This is the same as ‘game totals’ but with a different number of points. Again this can be found on bet365, found under the alternative game totals tab.

Parlay – This is an American term for an accumulator. But don’t worry, our basketball betting tips use the British term!

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