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NFL Predictions FAQs

When do you post your NFL tips?

Given that most American football matches take place on Saturday, our NFL tips will be posted the Thursday or Friday before each round of games.

What markets do you offer?

Our tipsters cover every game of the 17-week regular season, providing you with a tip and detailed betting preview for each fixture. When the post-season comes around we ramp things up even further, bringing you the absolute best NFL predictions possible for the Super Bowl and other big end-of-season games. Here are some of the markets we cover for all NFL matches: 

NFL Accumulators – These are among our most popular bets – who doesn’t love a good acca? To make these, we combine some of the best predictions from our selection of previews, looking to win big from a small stake. 

Anytime Touchdown Scorers – This is another type of accumulator for, you guessed it, touchdown scorers. We analyse a handful of the weekend’s games, decide on the best player from each team for an anytime touchdown bet, and then place them all into an accumulator.

NFL handicap betting – Also known as ‘betting against the spread’, this works just like handicap betting in football. It’s simple – if you go for a New England Patriots -2.5 point spread, then they must win their game by at least 3 points for the bet to come in. If the spread is a whole number and the team win by exactly that number of points then the bet is refunded.

NFL Totals Betting – Pretty much what it says on the tin, this is betting on the total number of points to be scored in a match. For example, if you go for Over 57 total match points, then there will need to be more than 57 points scored in the match for the bet to come in. If the match produces exactly 57 points then you will receive a refund.

How to bet on the NFL

So, what should you consider when betting on American football? While our NFL betting tips will cover everything in great detail, it doesn’t hurt to supplement this with a bit of your own knowledge. 

Lots of punters like to look at turnovers created, which is a sign of a good defence. In attack, look out for the term ‘offensive efficiency’, which shows you how often a team manages to finish a drive with a touchdown.

Other factors include home advantage, which is a major factor in American football thanks to the colossal stadiums and frenetic crowds. A little more complex, but still useful, is DVOA. These are numbers that indicate how well defences do against certain position groups and how well they perform down the right or left side. There are also numbers on offensive players too.

How best to bet on American football

The most important thing is to be informed. Our tips are given by some of the best experts in their field, while their detailed previews show just how knowledgeable they are. You can also get one over the bookmaker by having a look at some of the statistics detailed in the question above. 

Using free bets is another great way to bet on American football, and you can find the best of these on our free bets page. Once there you can compare all the big bookies’ offers and pick the best one for you.

Who has the best NFL predictions?

We like to think Free Super Tips does. Our NFL betting tips offer fantastic detail while still being easy to digest. We’re honest too, and will give a star rating for how confident we are on each prediction. Whether you’re having a punt on a regular-season NFL game or one of the big close-season matches, we’ve got you covered.

You can also find further information specifically on this year’s Super Bowl, including information on the teams and odds, right here.

All our NFL predictions are fully researched and completely free but we can’t guarantee winners. Please gamble responsibly and visit our gambling guidelines for more information (18+).

When is the Super Bowl?

The 2020 Super Bowl 54 will take place on Sunday 2 February, kicking off at 11:30pm UK time. Although our NFL tips for today are great, our coverage for Super Bowl day is always unrivalled!

How long is the Super Bowl?

It depends, but the Super Bowl typically lasts four hours. Including adverts, the game itself runs for around three and a half hours, while the famous halftime show is 30 minutes long.

What channel is the Super Bowl on?

The 2020 Super Bowl will be shown live on BBC One, and so will also be available on BBC iPlayer. That means no adverts for us, although you can always check out the best ones on YouTube!

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