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Boxing Tips FAQs

When are your boxing betting tips posted?

Most fights take place over the weekend, and for these we aim to give our tips by the Thursday to give you plenty of time to back them. 

Boxing is unusual in that it has no recognised season or regular schedule, but we aim to cover all the big bouts taking place among the WBO, WBA, WBC and IBC organisations as well as the best of amateur events.

Predictions for undercard fights

We don’t just offer boxing tips on the likes of Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury! Each major boxing event is preceded by undercard fights to add a little extra entertainment for viewers and punters alike. 

Given that those boxing in undercard fights tend to be less well-known, they represent a big opportunity to extract a lot of value from the bookmakers. Our tipsters certainly do their research on these fighters, and often bring in a pretty penny as a result.

Where to bet on boxing online

While Free Super Tips is the best place for boxing predictions, there are a variety of places where you can bet on boxing. All these can be found on our boxing free bets, showing you the UK’s best bookmakers and their respective free bet offers. Once there, you can compare them to find the best value.

How to bet on boxing

So, how does betting on boxing work? Luckily, it’s fairly easy to get your head around it since most bookmakers only offer a handful of markets for each event. However, all are great fun. Let’s go through a few of the big ones.

Outright Winner is the simplest form of betting on boxing, and just involves backing one fighter to beat the other. This can be by any means – points victory, KO or the retirement of the other player. 

Conversely, you can bet on the winning method. By analysing fighters’ previous wins you can get a good picture of their most common form of win. But all you have to do is follow our boxing tips – our experts will do all the hard work for you.

Total rounds is another fun way to bet on boxing, and is exactly what it says on the tin. You bet on the total number of rounds a fight will last for. Normally this is done by betting on a fight to last over or under a certain number of rounds, such as 6.5 rounds or 10.5 rounds.

Similar to this, you can also bet on a winning group of rounds. This means you predict a fight to finish in rounds 1-3, or 7-9, for example. Some boxers play safe to begin with, so you wouldn’t bet on their fight to finish in the early rounds. The opposite would be true if you had a pair of aggressive big hitters in the ring.

Who to bet on in boxing

You’ll first want to look at each competitor and consider what type of fighter they are. For instance, what’s their KO ratio? How will their skills match-up with those of their opponent?

Next, look at each boxer’s physique. In the heavyweight division, the larger fighter tends to be more likely to win – think Anthony Joshua or Tyson Fury. But in the lighter divisions, anything goes. Look out for fighters with a freakishly long reach, or who are highly compact and can absorb punches well, for example. 

Make sure to keep an eye on the tabloids too. Some fighters don’t train properly before fights, have personal issues or simply get caught partying. Naturally, this can all have a big impact on fight night.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, study recent form. While looking at their victories and defeats is important, also take a look at when their last fight was. If they have fought recently, they may not have properly recovered and prepared for the upcoming fight. On the flip side, a period of inactivity can mean a fighter is lacking in match practice.

Of course, our expert boxing tipsters take all these factors into account – but it’s still worth complimenting their boxing tips with your own insight!

What is round betting in boxing?

Round betting is backing a fighter to win a specific round. Given how specific this type bet is, returns can be huge! If you feel one of the fighters is going to deliver a first-round knockout, this is the wager for you. But be warned, these are devilishly difficult to win. This means if there was ever a bet to follow our boxing betting tips on, this is the one!

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