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The ePremier League – FIFA Esports

The ePremier League has finally been announced which gives the chance for UK FIFA 19 fans to represent their choice of Premier League club in a initial tournament.  This can be done by going to and signing up. The deadline for registration is the 4th of January at 23:59.

The Tournament kicks off on the 5th of January and for will continue for 3 whole months which covers 3 stages; Online Qualification into live club play offs and finally finishing with the live finals.

The online qualification will be narrowed down to the top 16 players of both PS4 and Xbox One.

When the final 32 have been chosen, they will play against each other until one PS4 Player and one Xbox One player remain.

The Final will be held on the 28th/29th of March and will be broadcast on Sky Sports.

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