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Asian Handicap Betting Guide
Jake G
Jake G
September 1, 2015

On this page you will find our simple guide to help you understand Asian handicap and goal line betting.

Asian handicaps can be confusing for many people but once you get your head around it, it is actually fairly easy to understand and it can be a very profitable market to bet on. We often use Asian handicap and goal line markets in our free football betting tips so here you will find simple explanations of the types of bets and the terms involved.

Below you can see tables for both Asian handicaps and goal lines which show you what results you need in order to win your bet and what results you want to avoid!

Asian Handicap:

free football betting tips

  • -1.5 Asian handicap = -1 regular handicap
  • -0.5 Asian handicap = ‘to win’
  • 0 Asian handicap = ‘draw no bet’
  • +0.5 Asian handicap = ‘double chance’ (win or draw)
  • +1.5 Asian handicap = +1 regular handicap

Above are the Asian handicap markets with regular market equivalents. It is always worth comparing these markets with their equivalents as you will often find better value on one or the other. Better value = better odds, better odds = more money!

Goal Line:

Goal line betting guide

Terms Explained:

  • ‘win’ = you win your stake multiplied by the odds
  • ‘win half’ = you win half your stake multiplied by the odds, half your stake is returned
  • ‘push’ = your stake is returned
  • ‘lose half’ = half your stake is lost, half your stake is returned
  • ‘lose’ = your stake is lost
Jake G
Jake G

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