Could You Be Jermain Defoe’s Personal Assistant?

Are you looking for a new job? Is your boss pissing you off? Well, why not start up a new career as Jermaine Defoe’s Personal Assistant?

Defoe Enterprise Ltd. has posted a job on the charmingly-titled Secs In The City website for a 50-60k Personal Assistant at the ‘firm’.

We won’t lie, it looks pretty demanding.

Applicants, who ideally require high-profile experience of the sports industry and commercial PR, are needed to organise the hectic diary of the Sunderland striker and his family, while writing presentations, liaising with sponsors, travelling internationally, buying designer outfits, sourcing interior designers for his ‘multi-portfolio’ of houses AND helping to build Jermain Defoe into a global Beckham-style brand with iPhoneapps, a clothing line and a personalised fragrance.

Oh, and make sure his fridge is stocked at all times.


There’s no mention on whether the role includes educating Mr Defoe on the intricacies of the offside rule.

Image: Arvedui89

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