Van Gaal’s most X-rated moments

Louis Van Gaal might have only been in charge of Man United for two seasons but he will go down as their most x-rated manager to ever grace the touchline. From sex machoism to horny players, here are some of his most obscene moments as United manager

“Hello. Hello. Hey. Pay attention to the manager.”

During his short time in the league, Van Gaal has displayed some outrageously funny moments including THAT moment during the Man United-Arsenal game at Old Trafford that pretty much broke the internet.

“I wish you a Merry Christmas and maybe also a Happy New Year.”

The Dutch manager likes to have things his way and you can see that from when he walked out on an interview where reporters kept asking questions that he had absolutely no intent of discussing:

Or when he called a journalist a fat man for criticizing his captain Wayne Rooney:

Weird and Wonderful Van Gaal

I’m not sure if it would be weird or wonderful to be a reporter attempting to interview Louis but I do know that I wouldn’t want to be on the end of that creepy ‘death stare’!

“I want my players to be hungry and horny.”

At times, the Red Devils manager can come up with some weird sayings. Just look at the face on Juan Mata:

Louis Van Gaal – I’m Honry! Coming Soon!

Van Gaal has only been in the Prem for two seasons yet he’s already cemented his place as one of the most memorable managers going.

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