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Responsible Gambling – Keeping It Enjoyable

Responsible Gambling Week 2019 starts today, and here at, we are committed to helping people to stay in control of their betting to keep it fun and enjoyable all year round.

We promote safer, smarter gambling, to help our followers to avoid common pitfalls and gambling-related issues. If you feel as though you’re struggling, or are looking look for ways to limit your spending, this article will offer some advice on how to use our tips in a more responsible manner.

Always Set A Budget

You should never ever gamble more than you can afford to lose. When you start staking money that you had earmarked for bills or other essentials, you can run into serious trouble very quickly.

To avoid falling into the trap, you should always think about how much you want to spend each day/week and stick to that budget rigidly. It’s also a good idea to set deposit limits on your accounts with your budget in mind to avoid accidental overspending.

Only Ever Gamble With A Clear Mind

Gambling should always only be done while you’re in a good frame of mind. It’s really difficult to make rational and clear decisions while you’re emotional, and you’re much more likely to make poor judgement calls. By gambling with a clear head, you can avoid any dangerous irrational decisions, that could potentially leave out of pocket and chasing losses beyond your limits.

Never Put Gambling Before Friends Or Family

If you find that you are starting to prioritise gambling over social plans with friends or family, or if you are cancelling plans to focus on betting, it might be time to take a step back and evaluate whether it’s still enjoyable.

Gambling should always be a fun first pass-time, and if you are making it the most important thing in your life, it could be a red flag that your gambling is starting to become an issue.

Never Chase Your Losses

Whenever you bet, there is a sizeable chance that you are going to lose the money you’ve budgeted for gambling. Even with all the research and groundwork in the world, “lady luck” can still abandon you at any time – we all know how random sports can be!

When this happens and the money you’ve set aside is gone, it’s time to take a breather and try again the next time your budget allows. You should never, in any circumstances, start to gamble beyond your set budget to try to claw back your losses.

It’s easy to slip into a mindset of “one more win will get me back on track”, but there are never any guarantees with gambling and you should never bet beyond your means.

Visit our dedicated Responsible Gambling Week 2019 information page to find out more about it.

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