Juventus vs Frosinone Betting Tips

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      Tip Reasoning

      Juventus are perhaps putting a few things together after they claimed a not to be under-estimated 2-0 away win against Genoa. That result came after an away win in the Champions League against Manchester City and a 1-1 draw against Chievo the weekend before.

      Maybe the worst has past for a team that experienced a summer of turnover including the departures of Andrea Pirlo and Teves. They’ve at least found some rhythm in terms of adapting a better flow to their game and creating serious chances offensively. They looked like the Serie A champions against Genoa and that’s a big thing.

      Frosinone’s transition to Serie A has been tough. In fact, they look like little more than cannon fodder right now. They’ve scored one goal in four games and have already missed important opportunities by losing to Atalanta and Bologna.

      They are set up better defensively, but it’s difficult to see anything good coming of a trip to Juventus.

      Three Reasons for Betting Tips

      1. Juventus coming out party

      We think Juventus are just about ready to explode here and to make something of a statement. They do have some midfield depth and they should get plenty of openings and chances against Frosinone. Considering how the early part of the season has gone for them, we think that they’ll jump on those chances more positively than normal.

      2. No hope for Frosinone?

      Not that we’ve seen so far, this is a bad time to travel to play the defending champions too.

      3. Best odds on Over 2.5 margin

      We think your best odds are to play the high scoring game, there’s not much of anything on a Juventus win and the Asian Handicap line doesn’t present many options. We are pretty confident that Juventus’ attack will get out and score some goals in this game.

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