£1,260 Profit from NHL Tips in 3 weeks!

Our new NHL Ice Hockey tipster is on spectactular form since joining us towards the end of February, consistently landing doubles and accumulators to provide profit in excess of £1,200 in just 23 days! We take a detailed look at his performance below

NHL Doubles:

The double is a bet designed to “double your money”. We tip these at £50 stakes (5% of your bankroll) and would expect over the course of the month to bring in a healthy profit from these tips. Since joining the team, our Ice Hockey tipster has more than obliged with a stunning performance on these bets. He has landed 17/23 of his Doubles, providing a profit of £680 from our recommended stakes. Followers are backing our double knowing they will be waking up to a winner. It’s most definitely the hottest bet on our site at the moment!

NHL Accumulators:

The Accumulator is a multiple selection bet, designed to return a strong profit from your stake. We tip these at £10 stakes (1% of your bankroll). These are slightly more difficult to profit on every month due to the variance of such bets, but over a season we would expect these bets to provide a strong profit. Our NHL tipster is on incredible form as his accumulator tips have been equally impressive to his doubles, landing 5 accumulators from 20 attempts for an impressive profit of £603! Our Accumulator wins are as follows:

Saturday 25th Feb – 10/1 Accumulator lands for a £98 Profit
Monday 27th February – 16/1 Accumulator lands for £160 Profit
Saturday 11th March – 22/1 Accumulator lands for £223 Profit
Sunday 12th March – 9/1 Accumulator lands for £91 Profit – Back to Back Accumulator wins!
Sunday 19th March – 18/1 Accumulator lands for £180 Profit

NHL Mega Accumulators:

The “Mega” Accumulator is a bet designed to return a huge profit from a small stake. We tip these at £5 stakes (0.5% of your bankroll). These are high variance tips so landing a couple a season would be enough to keep you in profit. Unfortunately our tipster is yet to land a mega accumulator in his 10 attempts however he has come excruciatingly close on a couple of occasions, with just 1 leg letting us down. With his form across the doubles and accumulators we are expecting a mega winner to be just around the corner!

NHL Inplays:

A new feature, brought in due to the huge success of the pre-match tips. Like the doubles we would expect Inplay bets to be bringing in a solid steady profit across a month. It’s been a positive start so far with £56.70 profit from 69 tips for a 8.22% Return on Investment (ROI). A 7-10% ROI is a very solid figure to be aiming for and it’s great to see our NHL inplay tips punching in that department.

How to follow our NHL tips?

The only place to follow is our NHL tips pageMake sure you bookmark this page as our tips will go live there at approximately 6pm every day. We have 1-Click betslips on all our NHL tips so you won’t need to spend time searching for the tips, just 1-click, enter your stake and boom, the bet is placed.

If you want to follow our NHL Inplay tips, you will need a twitter account, head over to @FootySuperTips where we run Inplay sessions on the football and Ice-hockey.

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