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Best Cash Out Betting Sites Kenya
Vincent Titus
Vincent Titus
February 8, 2023
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Vincent is a betting and gaming expert as well as Editor and Website Manager for premierbettingsites.com

Cash out is the betting feature that allows you to end your bets while some of the selections on your betslip are still going on. When you cash out, you end your bets early and get some money from your betting site.

The feature is one of the finest innovations to hit the online betting scene as it gives you greater control of your bets and boosts your chances of making profits.

If you are very close to winning, your cash out amount will be very close to your potential winnings. On the flip side, if your bet is not going too well, your cash out amount will be very low and possibly less than your stake. Hence, cash out allows you to claim some early profit from your bets, or redeem part of your stake.


To show you how cash out works, we are going to use the example of an English Premier League match between Manchester United and Arsenal

If you have staked Ksh. 1000 on Arsenal to beat Manchester United in an English Premier League match at odds of 2.50, your potential winnings will be Ksh. 2,500.

If after 70 minutes, Arsenal are leading 2-0, you may be offered a cash out amount of Ksh. 1,900. As you can see, the figure is greater than your stake and not too far away from your potential winnings.

Type of cashouts

Betting sites in Kenya offer several forms of cashing out. They include;

Full cash out

Full cash-out betting is where you get the full amount you have staked. It allows you to end your bets early and take your cash amount.

Auto cash out

When you automatically cash out on a betting site, you have to set the amount you wish to get. Besides, you have to set your cash-out amount when placing bets.

Auto cash-out betting doesn’t require you to remain logged into your betting account. All you need to do is place your bet, set the auto cash feature, and go on with your activities. When setting this feature, it is important to define whether you want to cash out when the offer is lower than the current offer or when it is higher.

Partial cash out

Some cash-out betting sites allow bettors to get part of their stake amount. This means you won’t get the full amount you staked. However, partial cash out guarantees you to win some money whether you lose a bet or win it.

You can also make generous cash if your bets win at the end.

Multi bets cash out

Great betting sites in Kenya provides this option where you can place a bet and request a withdrawal earlier. As a result, you end your bets early when some matches are yet to be played. Players can take advantage of this option when the results of some games they had predicted turn out well. This is to avoid losing a bet.

Factors to consider when cashing out


This is the most crucial aspect of cashing out. In all cases, if you make a cash out bet early, you will receive reduced odds, and the earlier you make a cash out bet, the more these odds are reduced. 


Not all markets are suitable for cash out (live betting is most suitable for cash out) so the more markets a betting site with cash out in Kenya has, the more cash out options it will have too. 


Early settlement works in tandem with other features a betting site with cash out in Kenya may offer, and in particular live streaming. All sites will keep you fully abreast of the latest action via data updates, but you can’t beat watching the game or event live. The best sites are those with a decent number of features.


If you can’t live stream a match or event then you have a potential cash out bet on, then you’re probably going to find some other way of watching it. When the time comes to cash out, you will want to cash out as quickly as humanly possible. You won’t want to boot up your PC or fire up your laptop – the best and speediest way to cash out is via a mobile app.

So which are the Kenyan betting sites with the Cash Out feature?


Betway offers its players a chance to take control and govern their bets. The bookmaker’s cash-out process is easy and instant, regardless of whether you use the mobile app or online platform. All you need is to monitor your bets closely and examine whether the cash-out option is available. At Betway, you can cash out fully or partially.

The partial option allows you to take a proportion of your cash-out offer and keep the rest as the stake amount for the bet. Betway does not have a discrepancy with which customers are entitled to cash-out offers. Both new and existing players qualify for the offer.


Besides the usual options of a bet slip, Melbet offers a cash-out option that allows players to request early payouts on their active bets. It acts as a rescue mission when you feel that your bets are going against your expectations. Cashing out on this platform is seamless and is available in the pre-event and live betting section. 


1xBet has an impressive cash-out offer due to its high odds, especially on major markets. As a bettor, it is crucial to dispense the notion of recording losses throughout. When you closely monitor your bets at 1xbet, you will get a chance to identify the available cash-out offers. You can cash-out fully or partially in the pre-match and live section and receive your money instantly in your wallet. This offer is available to all 1xBet customers.


Betwinner aims to offer its players every possible leverage they need to succeed in betting. The operator’s cash-out process is seamless and friendly to novice and experienced bettors. If you wish to minimize possible losses on a bet that goes south, you can do so by taking advantage of the available cash-out offers. Based on the chances of winning your bet, you can decide to cash-out fully or partially.

Most live betting sites in Kenya allow bettors to cash out their bets. Besides, you can cash out an accumulator bet and other bet types. However, you won’t be allowed to cash out a free bet. There are many ways of cashing out as explained above but remember the best time to cash out is when you have made a good profit from your bet.

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