FST’s Premier League Goal Scorers Quiz: Which Player Bagged the Most Goals?

Since the Premier League’s inception in 1992, a lengthy list of goal getting heroes have etched their names into their respective clubs’ histories thanks to their stunning match-defining exploits.

From penalty area poachers and free-kick experts to strangely productive defenders and talismanic contest swingers, England’s top-flight has been the stage for countless footballers to showcase their finishing talents.

Football fans will remember those names and heroes forever – but can you remember just how prolific many of those goal-scorers were?

Below, we’ve put together a real head-scratcher of a quiz, where we challenge you to pick the player who scored the most Premier League goals from each four-choice selection.

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Note: Total Premier League goals for players listed below are club specific and NOT their entire Premier League career goal totals.

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