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The Best Stay At Home Challenge Videos

Have you ever wondered what footballers do when they are forced to stay at home? The answer is they make funny videos with a toilet roll, in what has become known on social media as ‘The Stay at Home Challenge’. The majority of the videos show professional footballers showing off their keepy-up skills with a toilet roll but there are a few unique adaptations out there to enjoy as well.

Many videos have emerged online since governments around the globe asked their citizens to stay at home during the ongoing battle against the Coronavirus and here are our picks for the best stay at home challenges we’ve seen so far.

Messi, Roberto Carlos, Ribery, and many more

Some perform much better than others in this compilation of footballers and former footballers attempting the Stay at Home Challenge and keep an eye out for Felip Melo’s amusing interpretation which rather reflects his playing style.

Gareth Bale

Bale went against the curve by adding a golfing twist to his Stay at Home Challenge, to great success. Watch the Welsh international chip a golf ball into the centre of a toilet roll from multiple angles.

This final Stay at Home Challenge video shows you just why we should leave toilet roll keepy-ups to the professionals.

Many more videos are bound to make their way onto social media in the coming weeks and we’re expecting even more variations on the challenge as footballers look to keep themselves and fans entertained until the beautiful game can make its long-awaited return.

If you are missing your regular football content then you should check out our ultimate Quaranteam guide and if you want to find out just what football matches are still taking place then you can find them all here.

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