UFC 194 Betting Tips – Conor Mcgregor vs Jose Aldo

Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo Betting Tips

Free Tip: Conor Mcgregor win at 8/11

One of the most anticipated fights in UFC history! 2 of its biggest stars facing off both in peak condition and age should play no part in this battle with the Champ just 28 and the Challenge 27.

One thing to note is Aldo has been in a lot of wars; there is only so many fights the chin can handle. McGregor has done well to avoid taking much punishment in the majority of his fights to date. Aldo is undefeated in 10 years and the only UFC featherweight champion ever.

McGregor is taller, wider and has a better reach and in my opinion more variety in his strikes. Aldo has explosive shots, likes to throw fast full powered leg kicks to break down the opponents ability to move and to stop their power shots. Aldo is an ex semi pro footballer so his leg speed and hip movements are among the best in the sport. He packs quick solid punches but he is used to fighting orthodox smaller opponents. He won’t get that today – McGregor is Southpaw, attacking from unusual angles. He likes to focus on kicks to the stomach to wind the opponent and follow up with a right uppercut followed by the straight left.

For Aldo to win, he needs to punish the leg and more specifically the knee of McGregor, McGregor has had serious ligament injuries and has not received surgery since the last time he damaged it while his stance leaves his leading leg exposed and asking to be kicked. McGregor is strongest in stand up so the champion should play a points game here, apply slow damage to McGregor and try to break his confidence and rhythm. I expect he’ll try to hit the scar tissue above the eye and let the blood affect his sight, as well as targeting the damaged legs of McGregor to take the spring out of his jump and to limit his movements and use of kicks, change levels and get quick takedowns, do some shots then stand back up and go for it again. The judges in America like to score takedowns as more relevant than strikes at times. McGregor leaves his hands down sometimes and when throwing his own strikes is often open for an overhand right, Aldo should make it a gritty, dirty fight to frustrate the Irishman.

McGregor will use his range and distance – he’ll target Aldo’s body with kicks, I can’t see him throwing  many, if any, leg kicks. He will pitter patter with some strikes to the head to try to guage Aldo’s response and find which way he moves to avoid shots. One of McGregor’s biggest strengths reads the fights well and adjusts quickly. Aldo has very quick reflexes so I’m hoping McGregor won’t try too many of the Capoeira style takedowns he’s been showing in his training videos. As soon as McGregor sees Aldo’s back on the cage I expect he’ll raise the amount of shots thrown and will switch between hooks, uppercuts and body shots; as long as he doesn’t take too many damage from counters from Aldo when he leaves his chin open I can see the strength of McGregor’s shots wearing down Aldo. Power shots will tire Aldo out opening him out to damage and hopefully a grand slam finish with McGregor pulling out his perfect right upper cut, straight left combination to take the title back to Ireland.

Free Tip: Conor Mcgregor win at 8/11

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Chris Weldman vs Luke Rockhold

On one of the most stacked cards in UFC history, full of close fights were either could win, this has to be one of the tightest to call. I am not a fan of MMA maths (aka someone beats someone who lost to Someone, who beat someone) although I think we should take notice somewhat in this case, the name both fighters have recently fought Lyoto Machida, Chris Weidman beat Machida, by decision, but actually slowed down in later rounds, and took some damage from Machida, whereas Rockhold the challenger, comfortably finished Machida in impressive fashion without breaking a swet.

Rockhold has also beaten Tim Kennedy and Jacare and seems to be hitting his peak at the moment. Weidman dethroned the great Anderson Silva, but in my opinion has not looked overly impressive in some of his fights, but there is something about Weidman that he can just manage to get the job done each time. Rockhold holds the advantage in Standup, I believe Weidman could take Rockhold down bein an All American wrestler, but I think they are similar in Ju Jistu levels.

I believe Rockhold will be skilled enough to get up off the ground after the takedown and pick shots and gradually wear Weidman down. Weidmans best chance to win is too make this a dull boring fight,  push up against the cgae, try get Rockhold down get a little ground and pound and wrestle his way out of getting hit each round, however I believe Rockhold has the potential to TKO anyone in this division. Kep in mind this has to be one of the closest fights to call all year in the UFC.

Free Tip: Luke Rockhold to win at 11/8

Ronald Souza vs Yoel Romero

Here we have another incredibly close contest, number 2 vs number 3. Both men on impressive tears in the division. Souza a Ju Jitsu Specialist known as the Crocodile, Romero a world elite Wrestler. Both men also possess KO Power. Romero may go for takedowns but then stand back up and play a points game, as I feel he will not match Souza (Jacare) ju jitsu level on the ground, I can see Romero swinging heavily to try finish his opponent but I think  Jacare will catch Romero out. It is too close a contest to pick how Jacare will win, but I believ at this point of his career he has an advantage over Romero, although Romero is also known to cheat a little bit throughout fights.

Free Tip: Ronald Souza to win at 4/6

Demian Maia vs Gunnar Nelson

This is one to watch, a possible betting underdog victory. Both of these are phenoms in the Ju Jitsu world, 2 world champions in Ju Jitsu, although people would class Maia as more experienced, however Nelson represents a new wave of elite Ju Jitsu artists. In terms of stand up, Maia has come a long way, Nelson is a black belt in Karate in is fresh off an impressive KO of Brandon Thatch who is an elite level striker.

This could be a very close match up but I think if Nelson keeps it in stand up he could KO the 37 year old brazilian, Nelson likes to keep his hands low which I believe will help him stuff take down attempts of Maia, but I could see them also wanting to play chess on the ground where either man has the potential to win. If Nelson has the correct gameplan I believe he should win this fight.

Free Tip: Gunnar Nelson win at 11/10

Jeremy Stephens vs Max Holloway

This is a very tough fight for both opponents. Max Holloway has been on a tear winning 7 in a row since his loss to McGregor. He is also the only person to go the distance with McGregor. Stephens is fresh off a win over Denis Bermudez, but in my opinion, Bermudez did well in that fight and got caught with a knee which ended in a KO. I feel the odds are a bit too one sided for this fight, however I do agree Holloway is the safer bet and 1 or 2 fights/wins from a title shot.

Free Tip: Max Holloway win at 1/5


Frankie Saenz vs Urijah Faber

Faber returns to 135 pounds. Faber recently lost to 145 standout Frankie Edgar, but has never lost two bouts in succession. Saenz is unbeaten since 2012 and boasts an impressive record. However Faber knows with a win he could get a shot at the title, with only so many fights left this is his last legitimate chance to fight/win a UFC championship, Saenz has not faced an opponent of Fabers calibre to date and has a lot to prove. This should be a comfortable finish for Faber.

Free Tip: Urijah Faber win at 1/5

Tecia Torres vs Jocelyn Jones

Torres was initially supposed to fight Michelle Waterson in a high profile fight, due to Waterson finally signing for the UFC promotion. However due to injurt Waterson was forced to withdraw so Jocely has stepped in on late notice. Jocelyn is 6-1 and a champion at a smaller organization.

However Torres, having been dominant on her season of the Ultimate Fighter Show, and with wins over Felice Herrig, Rose Namajunas and Paige van Zant I can see this being a comfortable win for Torres unless there is a massive shock upset. Torres is tough physically and mentally and is only a number of fights away from a title shot so she needs to beat her opponent convincingly to throw her name into title contention.

Free Tip: Tecia Torres win at 2/5

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