Top 5 Fantasy players of the season prediction

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Hazard led the points totals last season as the best player in the Fantasy Premier League, but who will score the most points this campaign? Our predictions for the highest points scorers this season.

1. Hazard

He smashed the points last season and there is no reason why he wouldn’t do the same again this time around. He scored for fun last campaign, netting 14 times in the Premier League and scoring a colossal 233 points, 17 more than any other player. At only 24 years old, Hazard is constantly improving and will likely improve on his points total this season.

As a midfielder, the Belgian international will score 5 points for each goal he scores instead of the usual 4 points that a striker would receive for hitting the back of the net. As a player that will be competing for the Golden Boot next season, this bonus point per goal will prove critical in boosting his totals. Hazard is also an assisting menace, racking up 10 assists last campaign which was the 4th most of any player last campaign. Only teammate Fabregas, Cazorla and Di Maria assisted more.

2. Aguero

Not much explanation is needed for this guy. He won the Golden Boot comfortably last season, scoring an incredible 26 goals during the campaign. He scored 5 more goals than any other player last season, although admittedly 5 of these were from penalties. Without penalties, the Argentinian would still have walked away with the Golden Boot as second place wonderkid Harry Kane also scored 2 penalties himself.

Aguero scored the second most points of any player last season, only placing behind the aforementioned Belgian wizard Eden Hazard. A reasonable portion of his points came from his assists as well as his goals. Aguero was tied for the 7th most assists of anyone in the Premier League last season, which is extremely impressive for someone who won the Golden Boot. He racked up 9 assists during the campaign, only 1 less than Hazard.

3. Cazorla

This may come as a surprise to some, but Cazorla always manages to rack up points one way or another. As the designated penalty taker for Arsenal, the Spaniard scores his fair share of goals, netting 7 times last campaign. 6 of his 7 goals came from penalties, however the way the goals are scored doesn’t matter when it comes to calculating points scored.

Alongside his decent goalscoring record, Cazorla also achieved the second most assists of any player in the Premier League last season (12), only falling behind Cesc Fabregas who stormed away with the most assists (19). These two reasons combined with the fact that he featured in all but one game last season helped Cazorla to finish a respectable 8th place in the points totals last campaign. Featuring in every match may seem redundant for earning points, however players earn 2 points just for playing at least 60 minutes during the game, so being on the teamsheet every week is extremely important for racking up the most points during a campaign.

4. Depay

A risky inclusion, certainly, but it is not that far-fetched to imagine that Depay will provide plenty of goals and assists during this campaign. There should be no risk of a scarcity of game time for Depay, as manager and fellow Dutchman Louis Van Gaal rates the youngster very highly and will likely prioritise him over some of his other players, regardless of their Premier League experience.

The youngster won the golden boot in the Eredivisie last season, racking up an enormous 22 goals during the campaign. This figure is incredible for a player as young as Memphis. His personal ability combined with the improvement in quality of the players around him will likely see him replicate his form in the Premier League. It is highly unlikely he will come close to the goal total he amassed in the Dutch League, however a haul of 12-15 goals is definitely not off the cards. Throwing a few assists in there along the way and maybe some free kicks – should he get the honour to take them – and you have everything you need for a successful Fantasy Football pick.

5. Ivanovic

It is not common for defenders to score the most points in Fantasy football and a major part of this is because their accomplishments are not accounted for as much as an attacking player, along with the fact that the defense can only perform well to earn more points if there is an attack to defend against. Clean sheets are where most of a defenders points will come from, but that does not seperate one defender from another in the same team, as they all will benefit from the same point haul if their team does not concede during a game.

The factor that sets Ivanovic apart from the rest of his colleagues is his involvement in the attack. The Serbian defender scored 4 times during the last campaign, as well as racking up an impressive 6 assists. It is these stats which help Ivanovic to break away from his fellow Chelsea defenders and score an incredible amount of Fantasy points. Terry also made a big contribution to the attack last campaign, scoring 5 goals. When you consider that each goal from a defender is worth 6 points instead of the usual 4, you begin to realise how these defenders rack up the points so quickly. However the lack of assists on Terry’s part will likely result in Ivanovic edging him in the points totals again this season, which is why the Englishman does not feature on this list.

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