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Betting Academy: Meet the FST Experts

Updated on 7:11pm GMT 1 August 2022
Betting Academy: Meet the FST Experts

Before becoming a Sports Journalist for Free Super Tips, Aaron spent three years studying Sports Journalism at the University of Sunderland while taking in the Black Cats' 'glory years' under Martin O'Neill. Now back in Northern Ireland he turns niche stats into predictions for FST, while he's one of the few people on this island who is equally comfortable at Windsor Park and the Aviva.

We’ve now guided you through the wide range of football bets out there, all of which are covered routinely by us here at FST.

However, just who are the tipsters behind the football coverage? Below you can find out more about the FST staff.

Alex Wrigley

What is your go-to football betting market? 

I’ve really enjoyed the shot markets over the last year or so.

Some of the prices for the usual suspects are bordering on criminal but once you think outside the box a bit you can unearth some real gems.

For example, did you know that Joao Cancelo had more shots on target than Phil Foden, Raphinha, Gabriel Jesus and Richarlison last season? Or that both Virgil van Dijk and Antonio Rudiger tested the keeper as many times as Romelu Lukaku and once more than Alexandre Lacazette?

What is the bet that’s always letting you down?

There isn’t really a specific bet but I found Crystal Palace really hard to get a read on last season. They were just so inconsistent and you never knew which side would turn up, which made betting on them quite frustrating at times.

What’s your betting superstition? 

I don’t have many betting superstitions but I never bet on games involving my own team, Manchester United.

It’s just a no-win situation. Do I back them and face the very real possibility of a double dose of heartache or do I lay them and deal with all the conflicting emotions that come into play with that?

First stat you look for?

I like to look at the Expected Goals stats for each team’s last five or six games.

Actual results in football can often be deceiving, especially in the short term, and the xG figures tend to give a more accurate representation of how the game actually went. Combined with match reports or, in an ideal world, actually watching the matches you end up with a pretty good idea of how the teams have actually been performing.

I also like to check how teams have performed against the top four/six when dealing with big favourites to see if there is any value in the handicap markets.

Favourite other sport to bet on?

Formula 1. Mainly because I follow it religiously but also because you can find a fair bit of value in the market if you know your stuff.

And yes, I do write all of Free Super Tips’ Formula 1 tips and I make no apologies for that shameless plug.

Aaron Rogan

What is your go-to football betting market?

My most recent betting fad is a first team to score acca, the perfect bet for a busy Saturday afternoon. The TV blackout may be back in force but an FTTS bet makes the most of that, as any of those trademark Soccer Saturday yells can put you on the edge of your seat. The wide range of stats available and the looming threat of losing at any second has made it my new favourite market.

What is the bet that’s always letting you down?

Either the first leg of my FTTS acca at around 3:04pm, or the final leg just as I start spending my winnings in my head.

What’s your betting superstition?

I tend to swerve teams who have recently let one of my bets down. It’s not the best policy, given that I’ve backed those teams for a reason and they don’t tend to slip up all that often.

First stat you look for?

My go-to statistic tends to be home and away form, but I’ll dig a little deeper than that by checking those results against the table. Seeing how two sides fared against similarly strong opposition is a good insight into games I find.

It probably shouldn’t be surprising, but there are certain teams who can’t measure up at top half sides, while plenty of home sides make the most of playing the bottom 10. It’s an often overlooked detail that can give you an edge.

Favourite other sport to bet on?

Probably golf, given the range of expert tipsters, the big prices available in the field and the each-way offers around the majors.

Gareth Freeman

What is your go-to football betting market?

I’m a bit vanilla when it comes to my own betting to be honest, and invariably the first thing I look at will be the match result market.  My accumulators tend to be four or five selections with match results and a couple of BTTS and/or overs selections in the goals markets.  I do quite like a win and BTTS multiple though, and usually pick out a double, treble or even a fourfold if I’m feeling particularly brave every weekend.  It is a hard market to master but you can build up some big odds with just a few selections and it keeps the bet interesting if the team you’ve backed to win concedes first.

What is the bet that’s always letting you down?

Corner markets on bet builders seem to be an issue for me. I tend to do quite well picking out corners accumulators over a few games but when I add one to a builder that’s when things fall apart.

What’s your betting superstition?

I’m not sure this counts as a superstition but I tend to avoid going for results when a new manager has taken charge, it adds another variable into the equation and you just never know how a team will react.  It isn’t a hard-and-fast rule but as a general policy I’ll steer clear.

First stat you look for?

Form over the last five or 10 games tends to be my first port of call when it comes to stats and after that home and away form.  If I can’t work out what I fancy from there I’ll look at other stats but usually that gives you a good starting point.

Favourite other sport to bet on?

Before landing at FST I worked as a general sports reporter at a few different places so I follow quite a lot of other sports. I bet on either the NBA or tennis more regularly than anything else, but boxing would probably be my favourite other sport to have a flutter on if I can find a decent price.

Now you’re up to speed with us, how about a little more on what we do here on FST? Take a look at our guide to our tipping output, listing what you can expect from us across the season and explaining some of our trademark tips.

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